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How, When, Why? A short guide for the enjoyable trip to India

travelgallery-worldexposing.comBeyond a shadow of doubts, India is the most fascinating, bright, divine, and loving country all over the world. It is an unforgettable land with the essence of love and amazing history.

No matter if you are visiting India 1st time or regular visitor there is an appropriate for everything and so do travelling have. There is a long list which should follow in order to make your trip more enjoyable.

How when and why India? Good questions. Tourist visa in India is not a hard task you have to achieve. This is the answer to your question ‘HOW’? And now it is when and why. Anytime whenever you like, whenever you have time and your budget allows you. India always welcomes its guests.




Why India?

travelgallery-worldexposing.comWhy India? If you want an appropriate answer for this question prepares yourself for the longest post for reading. There is a huge list not to convince you but to inform you what you could do there, what you could see there, how you can enjoy yourself there and your trip to would be more than exciting the interesting shoreline is set apart by its rough outskirts.

It is suggested to pack your stuff as per weather requirement. Indians are very kind and gentle but be aware of Indian weather which could be cruel and merciless. In summer temperature of 40 Celsius is quite normal. So if you want to visit India in the summer think twice.

Visit India is not a couple of weeks work. If you really want to enjoy your journey make your trip a bit long. Pack extra stuff and don’t you need to be worried for extra luggage as now there are many cargo companies who are ready to ship your excess baggage to India in really short amount. So now you are able to enjoy a stress-free tour to India.




Be aware of unexpected troubles

travelgallery-worldexposing.comWhere you can enjoy superb hill stations and marvellous sceneries there you can find yourself in unwanted issues as well. Here are something you should be careful about throughout your journey.

  • Try not to be frank with strangers, especially female travellers. Though Indian’s are king bad there are bad people in every society. So it is recommended that do not get frank or invite strangers to your room.
  • Do not carry heavy cash along with yourself nor even need to wear precious jewellery.
  • Always keep water bottle along with yourself, as India is suffering from contaminated drinking water. If you want to stay safe and healthy during your trip to India it is suggested to keep your clean water along with yourself.
  • Another big problem you could face in India is the toilet issue. Unfortunately, it is the truth that one of the largest populated countries is facing no toilet bad condition. Yes, it is true. Keep toilet papers along with yourself.
  • There is a high risk of dengue in India so it is suggested to take a good care of yourself from this disease, keep mosquito repel lotions or creams along with yourself.
  • Always book your hotels before you leave your country. Try to find your residence near to the airport or the destinations you want to visit.
  • Always keep photocopies of your travelling documents.
  • Try not to use local transportations on maximum level. It could be risky.
  • Be careful while dealing with local currency. As it could be possible that bad people con you and give you fake currency notes.
  • If you want to enjoy your journey really amazing and memorable it is recommended to hire a local guide. Which not just helpful in bargaining for shopping in the local market but also let you know the exact and proper information about all ancient buildings and other landmarks.
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