Berlin's Brandenburg Gate in Germany

Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate in Germany

Built in the Acropolis of Athens in 1791 and built for Frederick William II, Berlin’s Mite District’s Memorial Belle stone Brandenburg Gate was the city’s first nucleic structure. Final measurement at the height of the final 26 meters – the quadrilateral 4th horse of four races, which spread in the form of four impressive passages: four were used by regular traffic, the center was reserved for royal carriages.

Berlin's Brandenburg Gate in Germany

Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate

Berlin's Brandenburg Gate in Germany
Huge Doric columns decorate two buildings on each side of the gate, once used by toll collectors and guards.

Berlin's Brandenburg Gate in GermanyUndoubtedly Berlin’s most economical structure, it is hard to believe that the great structure you see today was severely damaged during WWII and it was part of the notorious Berlin Wall, and for several decades it was a symbol of Berlin’s eastern and western division.

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